Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Birthday Party

This past Saturday my girlfriend and I went to a friend's 23rd birthday party (one week before mine!). We brought a six pack of assorted Shiner beers, one Coors Light, and one Honey Brown.

I started out the evening with Shiner's Hefeweizen (Hefeweizen, 5.6% ABV). I found this to be a good but unremarkable hefeweizen. I had been wary of a hefeweizen from Shiner, though, and it wasn't bad at all, so props for that. There was less of the banana/clove thing going on with this one - I guess they chose to stick mostly with the wheaty and citrusy aspects.

From there I went on to the Shiner Light (Light Lager, 4% ABV), each bottle of which they cutely have a citizen of Shiner, TX sign in approval of its taste despite its being a light beer. Well, I 'd say they were right, it's not bad...for a light beer. It was smooth and seemed to stick to a purer beer recipe (I'd guess they're not big on adjuncts to sweeten their light beers).

After that, I had the Shiner Black Lager (Schwarzbier, 4.9% ABV). I really appreciated this guy. I like my beers a little toasty, chocolatey and coffeey (:D) so this was right up my alley. Plus, I had just found a really cute glass our of which to sip it.

I would have had the Shiner Blonde, but my girlfriend has swiped that one in the meantime. I did have a stroke of luck, however, 'cause this one guy at the party had brought a 12 pack of assorted Dundee beers (the brand of that Honey Lager I'd brought), so I casually asked him if he liked the Honey Brown. As it turns out, it's one of his favorite beers, which made me judge him of course but which also made me happy as he traded me for one of his other favorite beers (then again, maybe this is just one of those guys who calls everything a favorite...) called a Weihenstephaner (Munich Helles Lager, 5.1% ABV). Unfortunately, I was getting on towards plain drunk at this point, so I don't remember much about this except that I distinctly recall thinking, "This beer doesn't taste exceptional or anything, maybe it's just my limited taste, or my drunkeness, but why the hell would this be someone's favorite beer?" I think that it's probably a really good quality beer and whatnot, but it's just that the original version of something will probably never be my favorite.

At this point I was drunk and indiscriminately grabbed other people's beers. I have a cap from one that says EFES. I googled it and didn't really figure out what the hell it was in the three minutes I allotted for that research. There's also a cap I kept that has a really cute couple of blue and yellow Egyptian looking pictograms. Maybe someone can tell me what these last 2 were:


  1. Efes is a turkish lager beer I believe. Piss water last time I had one.