Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just a Night at a Bar 8/8/09

I just wanted some beer, so I called up a few friends, and we decided to go to Fox and Hound. Of course, I had a beer beforehand - I just drank the last of the Pyramid Audacious Apricot Ales (blech). Unfortunately, a bunch of men were beating each other up that night (UFC?), which meant there was a $5 cover to get into Fox and Hound, which I find ridiculous. Fortunately, no one else wanted to waste the cost of a beer either, so we were all in agreement to go to some other bar down the street.

We wound up ate a cute mid-sized bar called Sterling's that was featuring karaoke that night. The place wasn't packed, but it also wasn't desolate, which I find to be the Goldilocks amount. My gang pretty much just played darts all night, my only interactions with strangers (other than the bartender) happening in the restroom when some friendly drunk girls warned me, an obvious new comer to their close knit establishment?, of the flaws of the paper towel dispenser and air dryer.

Anyway, I had some new beers (new to me, that is, of course). First up was a Drop Top Amber Ale (American Amber/Red Ale, 5% ABV). I really enjoyed this beer. It had a flavor neither I nor any of my compadres could quite place (not to my satisfaction anyway. One of my friends thought the flavor was apple juice, but that wasn't what was triggered in my synapses). I'll have to have another one after I read someone's review as it might have been one of the flavors he mentioned: caramel oranges, artificial butter that you would get on popcorn at the movies, or pears.

The next beer of the night was a Widmer Hefeweizen (American Pale Wheat Ale, 4.7% ABV). Apparently I was to have a Widmer filled night as I have discovered while researching (if a search on Beer Advocate can be properly termed such) for this blog that Drop Top is a Widmer beer. I didn't think it particularly remarkable. There was the usual citrus, floral, and banana assortment of falvors going on. None of the hefeweizens I've had since has lived up to the Paulaner Hefe Weizen I enjoyed so.

After that, the apple juice friend (his name is Eric, I'm not really trying to be secretive) bought us a round, getting another Drop Top for me.


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