Monday, November 30, 2009

Saturday 11.28.09

Cami and I went and used up the chips we had for free drinks at a random lame bar called Suspenders Saloon. The only interesting part was when, in a bar full of nothing but white people, three black people walked in, and everyone cheered - literally and loudly. We felt that now that we'd had a fun and inexplicable moment it was time to move on to somewhere more fun, so we went to Red Light, Red Light so I could have some delicious beer.

First up was a Ten Fidy (Russian Imperial Stout, 10.0% ABV). Oh my "god" it was delicious.

I couldn't get the picture in time to get the bit of head in there, but it was thin and dark and dissipated quickly. What flavors didn't it have, so thick and creamy. I need to have another when I'm not already tipsy.

Next I had one of Brewmaster's delicious beers, but now I'm not sure what it was, a stout, a porter... this was one of those situations in which I really thought I was going to remember a lot more than I did. Well, I'll just have to go back.

Well one thing I do know is that it had, in addition to being creamy and delicious, it had a high ABV.

Cami couldn't finish her framboise, so I helped out with that. A nice guy bought me another beer, probably a 6.0 or so. Fuck only knows if I had more after that (besides sips from the beers of every single person there I'm sure) because I lost consciousness. Arielle did the things she tends to do in such a state, and I woke up very dehydrated the next day.

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