Monday, December 7, 2009

Beer Festival!

On Friday I went to the Orlando Holiday Brewfest! It was fun! There was free food from restaurants around town, and I sampled probably 35 beers. There were many samples I'd already had before, and most of them were unremarkable. Unfortunately for the people giving the samples, my having tried them means they've been crossed off my list so I don't have to buy them in the future. There was this one interesting beer I may buy some time though, called Winter's Bourbon Cask Ale (Winter Warmer, 6.0% ABV). Now, this isn't a beer drinker's beer, but don't we all have some girlfriends who aren't beer drinkers at all but occasionally think seasonal beers are cute and think a beer and pizza night is quaint? This is the beer to buy for them - it tastes just like cream soda. It can be found at Publixes and Total Wine stores.

Afterwards, I met up with some friends and some new people at Red Light, Red Light for some scrumptious beer. The first beer I had was a Terrapin Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout, AKA Wake and Bake (American Double/Imperial Stout, 8.1% ABV). Of course it was amazingly delicious. Another A from Red Light, Red Light. This was on tap, and most people aren't so lucky to have the occasion to try this beer on tap, thank you RL, RL! It was black, thick, and creamy. Mmm... Coffee is the predominant taste. Others compared it to black coffee, but I don't really like to drink straight black coffee (as much as I love coffee), and this was different, delicious to drink.

I had agreed to buy someone a beer, so I bought her a Smuttynose Strawberry Shortweisse (Berliner Weissbier, 3.0% ABV?) since that seemed interesting and I wanted to try some. It was okay, but not my cup of tea, if you will. You could definitely taste strawberries, and it was a bit sour. B.

Cami finally figured out the beer I'd had the other night that she really liked because it tasted of butterscotch to her. It's called a 3rd Coast Stout, but I can't find it elsewhere on the internet. Anyway, it was delicious, but I'll have to do more...research! A-.

On Sunday night we had some friends over for game night, and I had some more beers. First up was St. Peter's Cream Stout (Milk/Sweet Stout, 6.5% ABV).

Mmmm... Thick, creamy, and delicious. Cinnamon colored head, not as creamy as I'd like. Flavors are chocolate malt, coffee, and cream. A-.

Next up was the Samuel Adams Cream Stout (Milk/Sweet Stout, 4.69% ABV). Well as always Sam Adams beer is kind of plain. This beer tasted good, but not great.

That being said, this has been my favorite Sam Adams beer so far. The head was decently thick and creamy. Flavors: Roasted malt, some coffee, some chocolate, brown sugar, somewhat bitter. B+.

After that I had the Samuel Adams Winter Lager (Bock, 5.8% ABV). This one surprised me as I liked it better than I'd thought I would.

You can taste hops, some fruit flavors, and some wintery spices like cinnamon. I wouldn't seek any more out, but I wouldn't turn my nose up at 'em either. B.

After that I had a Yuengling and then called it a night.

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