Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Housewarming Party on 9/11/09

I went to ABC Fine Wine and Spirits to pick up some beer on the way to the party. I now have a frequent shopper's card, and I will definitely be using it. You get 10% off if you get 6 random beers, so of course I had to get 6. First up was Rogue's Mocha Porter (American Porter, 5.3% ABV). Pretty good sized head, but not as thick and creamy as I'd prefer. It was roasty, malty, and somewhat bitter. For something with "mocha" in the name I was hoping for a bit more coffee, whereas there was really only a hint here. Ah well, you can't win 'em all.

Next I had a Spaten Optimator (Doppelbock, 7.2 ABV).

The head here was pretty good, fairly thick. This was very drinkable for a 7.2%, probably due to the molasses and brown sugar one can relatively easily taste. This pushed me into nice and tipsy, prompting me to slow down on my drinking, further prompting someone to ask me if I needed latex gloves and a stethoscope. "What?" I asked. "You know, to help you nurse that thing." Well excuse me, miss rum and coke.

Haha, moving along... Samuel Smith's Organic Cider. Good stuff I'm sure, but I guess I'm just not a big cider fan. I'll stick to Sammy's ales and stouts. The next beer I hardly remember - I was at that point. Too bad I don't remember because I've been meaning to start exploring ginger beers. Left Hand Brewing Company's Juju Ginger beer (Herbed/Spiced beer, 4.0% ABV).

I went back to the fridge to decide which was next of the two remaining beers. There was only one. I walked around the party until I found the culprit, Capt. Douche: I was forgiving after letting him know he had stolen one of my beers. He wasn't exactly contrite, explaining that he had analyzed the contents of the fridge and determined this would be the beer to take. Let's take a moment: If there are a couple of unique beers alone in the back of the fridge as well as a couple of twelve packs of Yuengling, take the Yuengling, or YOU'RE a DOUCHE. He's pretty much a douche no matter what though as I've learned he spends an hour minimum every day to get his hair like that. Sexy, no?

Well after that I was offered someone else's random beer: Rocky Mountain IPA (American IPA; ABV?). I really have no memory of this beer, nor do I have any of the last of my purchased beers, Slim Chance Light Ale (American Blonde Ale, 3.9% ABV). I vaguely remember thinking it didn't taste bad.

Then we went to Steak and Shake to continue our conversation on eugenics since Pita Pit was closed.

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