Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Two Birthday Parties in one Night - 9/19/09

After getting my hair cut to an acceptable length again, I headed off to the birthday party of one of my sister's recently married, Mormon, ex-boyfriends. We went to a sports bar/restaurant. In the middle of the table sat we ex-Mormons, my sister and her friend Yasmin sipping their adorable little Bud Light Limes. I sat next to the Brit who had just cut my hair down at her salon, neither of us drinking in favor of stuffing our faces with fries, fried green beans, fried mushrooms, wings of various flavors, a muffalata, and about a dozen dipping sauces. Oh and then the birthday cake of course. I taught Yasmin how to make a good whistling sound with her straw, so that occupied us the hour or so we were there.

Then I picked up my 6 beers from ABC and headed off to party numero dos. I had actually had a beer on Thursday and Friday, and was feeling strangely hungoverish (well, the way I feel after drinking anyway), so I ended up not drinking much. Oh, the beers I had the previous two nights were draft beers, one at The Uptown Bar and one at Lazy Moon. I can't remember what the beer at Uptown was because I couldn't really read it. At Lazy moon I had a Beamish Irish Stout (Irish Dry Stout, 4.1% ABV) on tap. Oh how I love Irish stouts. So creamy...mmm... This was creamy, smooth, and malty, and it felt so good going down my throat.

Moving on to the party at which I drank beer. First up was Samuel Adam's Imperial Stout (Russian Imperial Stout, 9.2% ABV)Oh Sammy, you never fail to deliver that perfectly mediocre beer, do you? Sadly, I didn't have the most appropriate glass available to me, but I doubt the head would have improved much anyway. Really, for 9.2% ABV, I should consider this beer delicious. The first few sips tasted the best, but then the dark chocolate and coffee faded out in favor of the anise.

My second beer was a Black Dog Ale (American Amber/Red Ale, 5.2% ABV). The thing about this beer was that it had this coppery, metallic aftertaste as if I had been drinking it straight from the bottle. Other than that it was fine but not remarkable.

My final beer was a Warsteiner Premium Verum (German Pilsener, 4.8% ABV). I thought this one was delicious and gained an appreciation of the German Purity Law of 1516. It tasted like a biscuit in some ways. Mostly, my thought was that it smacks of Smacks.

Well by this point a straight girl had announced her crush on me, so my work was done, and it was time to head to bed.

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