Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My First Night out in Orlando: 9.5.09

I started the night at out with the two Guinness Draught Extra Colds (Irish Dry Stout; 4.2% ABV) my sister had in her fridge. While this beer is generic and relatively cheap, it's been awhile since I've had a stout (my favorite) so color me happy. Mmm, just look at the thick, creamy head, mmm... want more beer.

After those Cami and I headed out to go to dinner before heading out for a piano bar to meet some of her friends. The place to which we went first (because we were going to get Delta Sky Miles) looked shady, so Cami insisted we go somewhere else. I put up a bit of a fight (though I gave in) because, while the menu looked uninspired, I knew that leaving that place with no other definite plan would only lead to what it did indeed lead: getting lost for an hour and a half. We finally ended up at Cafe Tu Tu Tango as it was on the way to the piano bar.

Finally we got to the bar where I could drink again, my buzz having almost wholly disappeared. I had another Guinness first, though this time from the bottle, which was not nearly as good.

Then I realized they had Yuengling Traditional Lager (American Amber/Red Lager; 4.4% ABV) there, which is my ex girlfriend's favorite, so I had two of those. I asked about glasses, and they didn't have any. I should have taken the bartender up on his offer to at least give me a plastic glass though, and I will from now on. I already knew it to some extent, but this solidified my lesson that beer should always be drunk from a glass. It was too hard to taste anything other that metallic taste through that tiny hole.

From there, I got more concerned about enjoying my sister's friends' company, so I had a Corona Light with a lime and then two Bud Light limes, which I figured would be cheaper. Well actually, a girl bought me the last one. She and Cami's other friends wanted me to go to the gay club now that we were leaving the bar. I thought we were heading out for the club, but then Cami ended up telling me that it was too late and rather time to be getting home and into bed (11:10 when we left).

We did stop at this delightful place called Pom Pom's Teahouse & Sandwicheria. I ordered a Thanksgiving sandwich that included turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberries, and cream cheese (possible more) and was served with brown gravy. Dear god, mmm...

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